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Pump Shut-Off Water Leveler Low-Water Cut Off Switch
Pump Shut-Off Device
Temporarily turns the pump off if the water level gets to low in the filter tank
Turns back on when the float is in the up position
Mechanical Water Leveler
Low cost solution fits inside your Skimmerfilter
Maintains pond at the ideal water level
Water Level Solutions
When the water drops too low, the switch turns the pump off
When the water level comes back up the switch turns the pump back on
Can be used with any brand pump, even external pumps running 10amps or less
Auto-Fill - Manual Remote Float Switch
Auto-Fill Device
Replenishes water lost to splash out and/or evaporation
Connects to the overflow port on the filter tank
Water Level Solutions
A direct acting, inline control system for automatically controlling sump, holding tanks and 
Conversion of non-automatic pumps 
Totally self contained pump switch -no control panel needed
Small enough to operate when space is limited