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Stress Coat Ammo Lock Microbe-Lift, Calcium Montmorillonite Clay
Stress Coat Fish And Water Conditioner
With the healing power of Aloe Vera
Scientifically proven to reduce fish stress and heal damaged tissue
Use when setting up a pond, adding fish or changing water
Ammonia Detoxifier
Scientifically proven to protect fish cells from ammonia.
Instantly detoxifies ammonia from fish waste, tap water, unclean fish food, decomposing plants and algae
100% Natural Formulation For Pond Clarity & Fish Health, Growth & Color
Calcium based clay may help your pond water to produce some of the healthiest and deep colored koi
Is not only a nutrient source for koi, it will also "polish" your pond water
The clay acts as a natural flocculant and the particles that are bound up are filtered out of the pond
Can help make pond water sparkling clean
Pond Salt MelaFix PimaFix
An All-Natural Fish Tonic
Helps to replace electrolytes which fish lose in times of stress
Made from evaporated sea water
9.6 lbs. treats 1,200 gallons
Rapidly Heals Infections In Koi & Goldfish
An all-natural botanical medication
Repairs damaged fins
16 oz. treats 4,800 gallons
Treats Internal & External Infections Of Fish
Treats fungal infections on body & fins of pond fish
Treats internal & external bacterial infections
16 oz. treats 2,400 gallons
Microbe-Lift, Broad Spectrum Disease Treatment Microbe-Lift, Ich-Out Microbe-Lift, Lice & Anchor Worm
Microbe-Lift Broad Spectrum Disease Treatment
Formulated with malachite green chloride, instead of the more toxic oxalate salt
Effective in treatment of diseases caused by Ich, Costia, Trichodina, Chilodonella, Oodinium & Fungal infections
Microbe-Lift   Ich-Out
Provides rapid relief of Ich & parasitic diseases
Combines 3 of the most preferred  anti-parasitic ingredients as well as a topical treatment for an effective treatment of Ich, Trichodina, & Chilodonella
Safely helps to reduce the chances of secondary infections
Microbe-Lift  Lice & Anchor Worm
The most effective treatment for diseases of fish caused by lice and anchor worms.
When used as directed, it will not harm biological filtration
May be used on scaleless fish
May be used in any water temperatures above 40ºF
pH down pH up
pH Down pH Adjuster
Slowly adjusts the pH of pond water, which can change from day to day
Makes pond water more acidic
pH UP pH Adjuster
Slowly adjust the pH of pond water
Makes pond water more alkaline