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Microbe-Lift, Fish food Immuno-stimulant food Microbe-Lift, Summer staple food Microbe-Lift, Cold Weather Food
Microbe-Lift Immuno-Stimulant Food
Has montmorillonite clay for added minerals 
Montmorillonite clay provides added minerals, which help stimulate immunity against viruses commonly found in pond Environments & also acts as a toxin binder by neutralizing toxins

Microbe-Lift Summer Staple Food
For warmer weather and color enhancement 
Has animal protein & color enhancers that are need during summer 
The added color enhancers are made up of crab shell, spirulina & krill- all which promote brilliant color development
Microbe-Lift Cold Weather Food
In lower temperatures, fish require a highly digestible diet
The cold water diet is made with lesser amounts of protein but contains wheat germ which is easily digested
Also contains a higher level of fat
Koi FIsh Food Medium Large All Fish Food Cool Season Fish Food
Specifically Formulated To Meet The Needs Of Koi
Complete diet & the nutritional needs of Koi for optimal growth
Blends carotenoids with marigold (Tagetes meal), spirulina & kelp algae
Ensures superior color enhancement
Specifically Formulated For All Types Of Pond Fish
A unique blend of protein bound amino acids, zeoplite & polycheate worms ensure proper nutrition
Recipe reduces water pollution & helps for a clean & healthy pond environment
Specifically Formulated For All Types Of Pond Fish
Rich in easily digestible carbohydrates, garlic, wheat germ, pea protein & Bio-Mos
Energy-rich formula with zeolite reduces the level of ammonia released by fish improves water quality
Microbe-Lift, Fish Food-High Growth and Energy Food Microbe-Lift, Fruit and Greens Food Microbe-Lift, Variety Mix
Give Your Fish A Boost of Protein Includes Color Enhancers
Provides a boost of protein for growth in late spring, because fish deplete their fat reserves over the winter
Provides a high protein diet in early fall, because pond fish need to bulk up in preparation for their winter fast
Microbe-Lift Fruits and Greens Floating Sticks
A variety a fruits and vegetables blended together
Contains apples, apricots, kiwis, mango's, papayas, peaches, peaches, pears, broccoli, cabbage, peas, red peppers, tomatoes,  zucchini & spinach all in a scientific blend
Microbe-Lift Variety Mix Floating Pellets And Sticks
The answer for how to feed a complete blend of fruits, greens, carbohydrates, protein, wheat germ, vitamins, and probiotics to you koi and pond fish.
Microbe-Lift, Mini-Pellets 12 oz. Fish Food Dispenser
Microbe-Lift Mini Pellets
Food for younger fish under 4" long
Little fish deserve the very best
The stabilized vitamin C in these mini pellets help to promote proper tissue development
A great way to sell fish food and save money by buying food in large bulk size
Easily installs in an existing display or any flat surface
Easy clean- no cracking, yellowing or hazing of plastic
Bins always appear full with separate front filled section