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Plant/Pump Protector Floating Flora Island Aquatic Plant Food, Tablets
Submerged Plant/ Pump Protector
Multipurpose underwater netting protects submerged plants and pumps
Protects tender water lily shoots at the beginning of the growing season from hungry koi and other pond fish
Use as a coarse pre-filter to prevent large debris from damaging pumps
Maintain optimum pump performance by preventing clogs
Floating Flora Islands
Confines floating water plants to a specific area while protecting plants from fish while providing shade to fish
Prevents floating plants from floating into the skimmer
Keeps ponds cleaner; leaves are contained in a basket and wont pollute the pond
Reduces clean up time

Aquatic Plant Food Tablets
Continuous-release plant food tablets specially formulated for aquatic plants such as water lilies, lotus,and iris
Contains contains macro-nutrients and essential trace elements 
this unique formula insures that your plants keep blooming all season long
Is designed to be placed directly into the soil of potted plants
Aquatic Planting Media aquatic plant food liquid aquatic plant nutrient spray
Aquatic Planting Media
A ready to use potting soil
Comprised of a unique blend of natural mineral including Zeolite
A clean, dry, easy to use planting media and is specially formulated
Recommended for all potted aquatic plants such as water lilies, lotus and iris as well as bog plants
Aquatic Plant Food Liquid
Particularly beneficial to plants such as parrots feather, Anacharis, water hyacinths and water lettuce
Will not add additional nitrogen or phosphates to pond water
Contains a special formula that is readily absorbed through the plants leaves supplying plants with essential nutrients
Will keep pond plants lush and colorful

Aquatic Plant Nutrient Spray
New fertilization method for accelerated plant growth
Also promotes uptake of excess nutrients from the water
Has a unique formula that contains essential nutrients plus several natural stimulants
Eliminates the need to put your hands into the pond to apply fertilizer tablets on a routine basis