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GreenClean Granular Algaecide GreenClean FX Liquid Algaecide GreenClean Tablets
GreenClean  Granular Algaecide
GreenClean Granular Algaecide works on contact to control algae in water garden, ponds, fountains and waterfalls
Works through a powerful oxidation reaction to break down algae cells on contact
Safe for fish and other aquatic life
Can be used on hard surfaces to remove tough algae stains ( patio furniture, walk ways, decks, and more)
Eco-Friendly & OMRI listed
GreenCleanFX Liquid Algaecide
An activated peroxide liquid algaecide that suppresses, controls, and prevents algae-causing conditions in ponds
Oxidizes algae cells and kills them on contact
A highly effective solution to a wide variety of algae problems
For use in water gardens, fish ponds, waterfalls, and fountains 
GreenClean Tablets
Has the same formula as GreenClean Granular algaecide but in a convenience of a tablet
Designed for water gardens, fish ponds, koi ponds, waterfalls,fountains, standing water, lakes and lagoons
Slow-release formula creates an oxidation reaction that breaks down algae and debris leaving pond clear
Safe for fish and other aquatic life
EPA & OMRI registered
Pond Starter Bacteria Nitrifying Bacteria Plus Sludge And Muck B-Gone
Bacteria Starter  Jump Starts & Creates A Healthy Pond Environment Clarifies Pond & Accelerates Breakdown Of Muck  Stimulates Beneficial Microbiological Life  A Pond Must
Establishes healthy growth of natural bacteria throughout pond
A proprietary blend of natural bacteria cultures
Helps prepare pond for fish & plant life
4 oz. treats a 500 gallon pond for an entire year
With Starter Bacteria  Eliminates Toxic Ammonia & Nitrites  Helps Establish Healthy Growth Of Beneficial Bacteria
Removes harmful ammonia & nitrites that can build up in pond
Promotes beneficial bacteria growth in biological filters
Safe for fish, plant, pets & wildlife when used as directed
16 oz. treats a 1,200 gallon pond for an entire year
With Starter Bacteria  Eliminates Sludge, Muck, Cloudy Water & Odors  Stimulates Bacteria Activity
Stimulates enzymatic & bacterial activity to help eliminate sludge & muck
16 oz. treats a 800 gallon pond for 4 weeks
Bacteria Booster For Ponds Fall & Winter Pond Treatment Green Clean PRO - 50 lbs
Jump Start Your Pond & Biological Filter  Eliminates Ammonia, Nitrites, Cloudy Water & Odors
Natural & safe proteins boost bacteria in pond by releasing enzymes naturally found in bacteria
Safe for fish, plants, pets & wildlife
1 cup treats 800 gallons
Breaks Down Leaves & Debris  Makes For An Easier Spring Clean-Up
Breaks down leaves, pine needles & other debris that blow into a pond during the Fall
Maintains a healthy environment for fish & other pond life
16 oz. treats a 2,000 gallon pond for a year
TerraCyte Moss & Algae Control
Kills moss, fungi, and algae quickly on turf grass and landscapes.
Utilizes activated peroxygen chemistry without leaving toxic residues behind
Treated areas can be reseeded within 24-48 hours
Also works on walkways and hard surfaces without staining