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All great ponds & water features start from the ground up!

Rubber pond liner! Pond liner accessories! Rigid, plastic preforms! And the new innovative, liquid liner for concrete type features! We have a solution for how ever you want to get your pond or water feature started!

Are you using rubber pond liner? Don't forget your underliner (you will thank us later...)

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Pond Liner 45 mil Firestone Caulk-Crack Filler Single-Sided Seaming Tape
45 Mil. Rubber Pond Liner
Rubber pond liner made from EPDM are significantly more flexible and durable than widely used plastic or PVC
Is specifically formulated to be fish and plant safe
Caulk-Crack Filler
Liquid rubber in a caulk tube
Use to fill cracks in your pond liner and more
Single-Sided Seaming Tape, Firestone Liner Accessory
Double-Sided Splice Professional Seaming Aids - Hand Scrubber & 6 Pads Professional Seaming Aids - Ultraclean Hose Cleaner
Double-Sided Splice, Firestone Liner Accessory

Professional Seaming Aids 
Hand Scrubber & 6 Pads
Cleans Internal Surface Of Hose, Tube Or Pipe
Removes fine particle of loose contamination & can also be used for product purging

Lap Sealant Professional Seaming Aids - EPDM Repair Kit Professional Seaming Aids - Ultrabond Seam Primer
Lap Sealant, Firestone Liner Accessory
Self-Adhesive EPDM Rubber Pond Liner Patch Kit<--[if gte mso 9]> <[endif]-->
Kit includes one pair of plastic gloves, one sponge, one packet of EPDMpreparatory cleaner, one handheld application roller tool, and one selfadhesive EPDM rubber patch roll

Seam Primer For Pond Liners<--[if gte mso 9]> <[endif]-->
Ideal for EPDM, PVC, polyproylene & other liner materials

Professional Seaming Aids - Butyl Seam Tape, 3" x 25' Liner Repair Kit Professional Seaming Aids - Pipe Boot w/ Adhesive, 1" - 6"
A Fast Application Multi-Purpose Roofing & Waterproofing Sheet Membrane<--[if gte mso 9]> <[endif]-->
Sticks to wood, metal, masonry & existing smooth asphalt surfaces
Aluminum surface reflects heat - Reduces energy costs
Easy to install - Save money on cost & labor
3" x 25' roll

Firestone Liner Accessory
For A Quick, Easy Repair<--[if gte mso 9]> <[endif]-->
Pre-fabricated to cover round penetrations
For 1" to 6" penetrations

Professional Seaming Aids - Silicone Hand Rollers Professional Seaming Aids - Quick Prime Plus, Quart Professional Seaming Aids - EPDM Cover Strip, Butyl Adhesive - 5" x 25'
Professional Seaming Aids
 Silicone Hand Rollers
Professional Seaming Aids - 1 Quart of Quick Prime Plus
Self-Adhesive EPDM Rubber Repair Tape  Pond Liner Patch Kit<--[if gte mso 9]> <[endif]-->
Ideal for EPDM, PVC, polypropylene & other liner materials
Seals, seams, waterproofs & repairs
5" x 25' roll

Professional Seaming Aids - Quick Prime Plus, Gallon Quick Seam Tape Kit Professional Seaming Aids - Quick Seam Prof. Tape Kit
Professional Seaming Aids 
 1 Gal of Quick Prime Plus
Quick Seam Tape Kit, Firestone Liner Accessory

Professional Seaming Aids 
 Quick Seam Prof. Tape Kit
25' of 6" Seaming Tape
1 qt. quick prime plus
1 Scrubber Handle
2 Quick Scrubber Pads
1 roller
1 crayon and instructions
Underlayment 3 Roll Liner Rack
Pond Liner Underlayment
A durable, clean and safe material to install under ponds
This material will help protect your pond liner from stone punctures and also cushions the pond wall for fish
Easy to install and use
6 oz., 12' x 100' roll
3 Roll Liner Rack
 Includes FREE Banner