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Pond, fish or water problem?

By getting an easy-to-use, inexpensive water test kit - You can save a lot of time, money & most importantly...YOUR POND!
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pH test kit nitrite test kit ammonia test kit
Wide Range pH Test Kit
Instantly and accurately measures the wide pH ranges encountered in pond water
Nitrite Test Kit
Liquid test kit
Reads the amount of toxic nitrite from 0 ppm to 5 ppm
Liquid Ammonia Test Kit
Test for amount of toxic ammonia, the number one killer of tropical fish
phosphate test kit 5 in 1 pond test strips Test Strips - Ammonia
Phosphate Test Kit
Liquid test kit that test for phosphate that increases algae and green water blooms
Measures both free and chelated copper
Test Strips For Ponds
The fast way to test pond water quality 
Provide distinct variations between color charts for easy-to-read results
Microbe-Lift Test Strips For Water Quality
Allows you to easily monitor ammonia levels to keep the water quality safe for fish and other aquatic life
Test Strips master liquid test kit
Microbe-Lift 5-in-1 Test Strips
Tests your pond water in 5 ways

Master Liquid Test Kit
Contains four important tests for the average pond keeper
Test pH, ammonia, nitrite,and phosphate